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During the dogfight scene when the two Messerschmitts shoot down the Soviet I-16, the Soviet fighter passes over the yard at a very low altitude.

While it's actually possible, it's pretty much a suicide maneuver because the plane would lose speed and maneuverability when pulling up, practically becoming a sitting duck for the one in pursuit.

Higher Education Like Russia, the Ukraine, and other countries in Eastern Europe the education system in Belarus is still very good, perhaps the culture just places a higher value on education.

I appreciate and respect the brave brains and actions of men.

The Brest Fortress was recognized by the Soviet Union as the Hero Fortress in honor of the defense of Brest Fortress in June 1941.

During medieval times, the city was part of the Kingdom of Poland from 1020 until 1319 when it was taken by the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

There are multiple international supermodels from Belarus and women in general from there are renowned for their exotic Slavic features.

Belarusian women are quite stunning with long blonde hair, beautiful penetrating eyes, and tall stature.

Many years later veteran Alexander Akimov again and again recalls the memories of the time, when he, then a 15 year old Sasha Akimov was deeply in love with the beautiful Anya and suddenly found himself in the middle of the bloody events of war.As such, you shouldn't treat a woman from Belarus in the same way as one from your own country.Don't play games with her head or have multiple women going at the same time.A common misconception is that Belarusian girls are Russian. Belarus babes tend to resemble their Russian, Ukrainian, and Polish sisters but there are also many differences.Girls from Belarus are Sweet Women from Belarus can be very sweet, gentle and wonderful.

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