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After finding that 80% of their Word Press installations were not on the latest version, Bluehost wrote a Perl script that uses WP-CLI to update sites, even those running on versions as old as 1.0.2.Login as employee #2 (andrew) and click "Orders", this user can modify his subordinate's records. Export To try exporting to PDF, go to any View page and click the PDF icon.To try exporting to native Excel format (Excel 97 and higher) by PHPExcel extension (for registered users only), click the Excel icon in any page. The table uses server event to do conditional formatting. The table uses Custom Template to show each record in 2 rows.It does seem that Oracle FINALLY sees this is massive issue and has released some patched versions for this. I personally haven’t even looked at the patches yet, so use at your own risk. There any many different ways to look at resolving this at least temporarily. It appears a path was released for update 21, nothing that I can see for 25 yet.From the comments **Update 5/16/2013 **** PLEASE read all comments before implementing this.

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