Dating offer landing pages

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Okay, you might think that if we use a landing page, the number of clicks will be less than the amount we use with a direct link, right?

That’s correct, but it makes you force visitors to see your offer or product without asking their permission.

I ran this campaign for a few weeks and it was profitable after removing non-performing targets.

The main reason I decided to move on was because it was not scaling as well as I hoped.

This is the reason why the conversion rate of direct link campaigns is usually low.

Not tons of data, but it definitely showed promise and profit after some minor tweaks.I did this a little while ago with an email submit campaign.The point here isn’t to give you a handout and start making money (although you can with this campaign with the right targets).Well, direct linking is the easiest way to make bucks with PPV.However, when you find profitable campaigns from this method, you should scale them up by creating a landing page.

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