Is dev patel still dating freida pinto

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The Slumdog Millionaire actor, who is currently dating his co-star Frieda Pinto, says that he's not planning on walking down the aisle anytime soon. Patel said the issue came to head when his mother read rumors on the Internet that he was about to make it official with Pinto."I was like, Mum, ' I didn't – trust me,'" said the British-born Patel, speaking to People magazine. They string together all these stories: by now we have a brood of eight children and houses all over the place.

Freida explained: “The only two people who can understand what happened on Slumdog are the two of us.Read Full Story Dev Patel used to get bullied at school for his big ears, but luckily, he knows how to laugh at himself. I'd regularly attend Hindu temple, but the faith was never forced on me."At school I was bullied by the older kids, but I never experienced any racism. Read Full Story Dev Patel and his girlfriend Frieda Pinto have been dating since meeting on the set of Slumdog Millionaire in 2008, but there are no plans to get hitched just yet -- contrary to the buzz about their relationship. The young stars denied it; she reportedly had a fiancé, public relations executive Rohan Antao, at the time of filming, after all.I was teased for having big ears, but I didn't mind that. They think the wedding rumors are funny, though they do wish Dev's mom would stop believing everything she hears! The last rumours I heard was that me and Frieda were looking for a wedding cake in Los Angeles. Read Full Story Despite rumors to the contrary, Dev Patel is not engaged. Now, after they've been spotted together several times, most recently in Israel, where Freida is filming on location, Patel's mother Anita has... Diseases will spread ,medicines, hormones and life saving drugs produced from cattle organs will have to be imported. Decision of the Govt lopsided with no application of intellect.Man animals imbalance, leaving environmental chaos.

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