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The presenter shared a candid selfie with her son in her arms after wrapping on The One Show for the week.The 40-year-old, who returned to the BBC show last month, said she was "relieved" to now have some time with three-month-old Teddy. Sending hugs."Her comments come after she appeared alongside Matt Baker for the first time since she and her husband Charlie Thomson became parents."I'll be back for two days a week to begin with and then we'll see how we go," Alex confessed to viewers on April 24.Despite the split Gabriel is still right behind Noah as he takes over from Jon Stewart in the biggest seat in world comedy.She told Daily Mail Online that she’s ‘very supportive’ of Noah’s newfound fame and has said she couldn’t be ‘prouder’ of her ex.SUBSCRIBE/UNSUBSCRIBE TO SITE OR TO NEWSLETTERS I want to subscribe or unsubscribe to SAReunited newsletters.To unsubscribe to newsletters, please click here I want to unsubscribe to SAReunited and remove my data from site.It's likely the couple talked about their relationship at this time In January it was suggested the glamorous pair was even engaged – rumors Gabriel was quick to quell on Twitter.

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Speaking in Cape Town, she said: ‘Yes he’s going through this huge transition but at the end of the day he’s not a celebrity to me and he’s never treated himself like that and I don’t treat him like that, I don’t bring that in to my life.’ Goofing around: Noah, pictured here with Gabriel making funny faces at the camera, was in Cape Town for his comedy tour at the end of February.You 'll find the most appealing women and men that suit your preference.New members are signing up everyday to find more adventure and passion in their lives. Make sure you don't miss out and sign up right now, here at My Secret Contact.Doctors were unsure how Kerstin - who had only ever seen her mother Elisabeth and two brothers, as well as her father, Josef Fritzl - would react when she woke from her coma and were keen to make sure the family was reunited as soon as she became conscious.Kerstin, 19, was allowed out of the dungeon on April 19 after falling gravely ill, triggering a series of events which led to her mother Elisabeth, 42, and two other imprisoned brothers, Felix, 5, and Stefan, 18, being released from the cramped cellar under their home in Amstetten.

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